Cancun: Experience one Mexico’s top travel destinations

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One of the biggest changes in travel over the last decade has been the expectations of those booking holidays. Modern travellers want to experience a destination rather than merely stay in a hotel, eat at fancy restaurants, and sightsee. A travel agent makes booking an experience far better than making reservations online due to their expert knowledge of destinations from around the globe. This makes a holiday and experience and not just a trip.

That is why booking a trip to Cancun with a travel agent makes a lot of sense. If you want a holiday and experience done right, then using an expert to organise it is the way to go. So, why visit Cancun and book your trip through Real Deal Holidays?

Cancun: A holiday paradise on the Mexican coast

Cancun is one of the top travel destinations in Mexican. The resort town continues to break records each year when it comes to those visiting from abroad with millions of travellers seeking sun and fun. Cancun is situated on Mexico’s eastern coast which means it straddles the Caribbean Sea.

The city’s location means it is a year-round destination due to the warm weather and sun that engulfs it. Since Cancun is a major travel destination for people all over the world, the city has a number of great connections to major airports around the globe. Therefore, getting to Cancun is easier than you may think and an expert travel agent can find you the best route that fits into your budget.

Cancun has a variety of places to stay from luxury resorts to well-known hotel chains. The resorts that line the coastline are immense and incredibly luxurious, and there is something for nearly every price point. There are thousands of places to stay and many offer exceptional amenities that make your travel experience unforgettable.

Cancun: Unmissable attractions

Cancun isn’t just about beaches and luxury resorts, although those are all great. The resort city has more than 22 kilometres of beaches and provide visitors with two different types of waves. The northside is for quiet, relaxed days on the shore, while the eastside is perfect for surfing and sailing due to the waves.

The beaches are also great for snorkelling. If you fancy an underwater adventure, the Cancun Underwater Museum is an unforgettable trip under the water’s surface. You will find 470 statues under the water to explore. Diving and snorkelling are two popular activities around Cancun and shouldn’t be missed.

Back on land are the ruins at Tulum. The town is not far from Cancun and is perfect for a daytrip. You will find cliffside Mayan ruins in the port town. The famous Mayan temples of Chichén Itzá are also popular daytrip sights to see. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is three hours from Cancun providing you with a full-day experience. There are tours of Chichén Itzá throughout the day and some early morning excursions can be completed along with an archeologist explaining the various history of the site.

Cancun is a travel destination that continues to grow in popularity. Real Deal Holidays can provide you with the best Cancun experience. Their knowledgeable staff will give you everything you need for an unforgettable holiday so don’t miss out book today!

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