Pumpkin Picking at Maxey’s Farm Shop in  Nottingham- Our Review!

We recently visited this local Farm Shop in Nottingham and we have to say that it was very fun!

Their site gives you some fab tips – ie pack wellies as it does get muddy.

There is loads of free wheelbarrows around to have lots of fun with and put your pumpkins in with.

We managed to get an amazingly big pumpkin that amazed everyone who saw it when we returned home.

They don’t charge for parking, wheelbarrow or to go picking which we think is fab family value for money!

They also have local stalls there offering food, presents and more!

We also managed to get some beautiful countryside shots on my phone too including of my amazing little angel AKA Sofiya! (waits for the awwwwww she’s so cute comments)

They also in what we think is a great idea- notify you on their website and social media if their car park gets full so you don’t waste your time visiting with nowhere to park..thats a great idea to help congestion and avoid disappointment that perhaps more businesses should do!

We also did manage to some how pick up a pumpkin which on the outside looked massive and big..but was moudly on the inside. The shop was very fast to respond and help and gave us a brand new one free to replace the faulty one!

Here’s our amazing pumpkin we got for just £10!

They clearly care about their customers, offer top service, top prices and well it’s alot of fun 🙂

We would give Maxey’s Farm Shop a 9 out of 10 and would recommend it! It is worth a visit with your kids if your in the Nottinghamshire area or this is the closest farm shop to you!

Remember be sustainable, help the environment and local farm shops by keeping produce local and we help the environment!

To check them out and pay them a visit please find their website here- https://www.maxeysfarmshop.co.uk/

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