Explore History and Other Delights During a Trip to Egypt

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Egypt has long been known as a destination filled with history, massive monuments, and expansive deserts. However, you may not know that the loving people of this country are more than ready to welcome you with open arms!

Most people choose to visit Cairo, Luxor, or Giza during a trip to this beautiful country, but you can also choose to spend a little time in lesser known areas like Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Hurghada.

Basically, the places you see will depend on how long you are visiting and how many hours or days you spend at every stop you make.

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I recommend beginning your journey in Cairo, as it is quite close to Giza and you can dedicate a few full days to both destinations. When you arrive in Cairo, you must first take the time to see Coptic Cairo, which is the Old City. From there, you can stop at the Memphis monument, enjoy a picnic lunch in Al Azhar Park, and explore the markets over at Khan El-Khalili.

The Pyramids of Giza, along with the Great Sphinx, should be visited on a separate day, because it will take you an entire day to see every intricate detail. Once you have returned to the city from the pyramids, you must take the time to wander through the Egyptian Museum, because there are more than one hundred thousand artifacts for you to see. You will never see everything inside this museum, so you may want to start over at the Tutankhamun exhibit, which is where King Tut’s treasures are located, and then choose certain exhibits that intrigue you afterwards.

Over in Luxor, one of the must-see attractions is Karnak, which is the largest temple complex. It is there that you will see shrines to numerous Gods and pharaohs. New discoveries are being made in this area every day, despite the fact that archaeologists have uncovered multiple statues, bronzes, and other artifacts over the years.

Some of those items, along with many others, can be found within the Luxor Museum. Either before, or after, visiting the museum, you may also want to check out the Luxor Temple, which was constructed around 1500 BC. This temple offers a glimpse into the past, especially inside the mosque from the 11th century, because it is still used for worship today.

Egypt is a fascinating destination, and while you may have avoided it in the past due to recent events, this country is more than willing to welcome you there now. You will be safe as you travel the streets of any city or town in Egypt and you will finally be able to see all the magnificent sights that have been well-preserved for future generations.

If you have been trying to find the perfect destination for your next travel adventure, Egypt is the place that should be at the top of your list. You definitely will not be disappointed, and you may even find that you need to return to this country again in the very near future.

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