Best Foods to Try in 5 amazing countries!

Get ready for your trip by planning ahead – you wouldn’t want to waste time researching to-do’s when you’re there. To ensure smooth travels on a full, satisfied stomach, here are some of the best foods to try in countries known for their flavourful cuisine.

  1. Italy

It is difficult to put Italian food into words because it blends soft ingredients but yields strong flavour. Green herbs, tomato, olive oil and soft dough are the cornerstone of Italian cuisine, where quality of products is emphasized over refined preparation.

Solid pizza choices include Margherita and Quattro Formaggi; for pasta, opt for pesto, cacio e pepe and classic carbonara. Caprese (mozzarella served on fresh bread) is a must-try starter and panna cotta will round off dessert.

  1. China

Chinese cuisine varies from region to region as the massive sprawl of territory covers all sorts of geological terrain. Mountainous cities depend on gamey meat, whereas coastal cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong can afford more seafood. The northern region combats colder weather with spicy dishes; the south tends to milder tastes.

Depending on which region you’re visiting, some culinary highlights are: hot pot (you choose fresh ingredients to cook in broth), noodles (in varying thickness and base ingredient), dumplings, dim sum (a series of steamed or deep-fried dishes served in bamboo steamers), tofu and your choice of stir-fried vegetable.

  1. Spain

Spain’s turbulent history of invasion and conquest has contributed to its varied cuisine, having influenced cooking methods and introduced new ingredients. Drawing mostly from the coast, Spanish cuisine is largely seafood based with a generous dose of staple foods and meat toppings.

Bite-sized tapas best demonstrates this diversity in taste, featuring well-loved dishes such as ham croquettes, patatas bravas, fried squid rings and ceviche; fresh raw shrimp cured in citrus juice. Iberico ham wrapped around asparagus is part of the usual fare, whereas heavier meals include cod fish-based dishes and paella (seafood rice).

  1. Japan

Another country with diverse terrain, Japanese diets circle around seafood, wheat staples, egg and pork. Sushi is a signature food where fresh cuts of fish, both raw and grilled, are laid on top of bite-sized rice clusters. Sushi rolls are a step above regular sushi, its seaweed-wrapped form allowing more ingredients to be stuffed inside.

Another to-try sea-based dish is grilled eel served on steaming rice; for soup based foods, udon and soba noodles are classic Japanese fare. If your tastes lean toward the deep fried and oil popping, opt for deep-fried pork cutlets (tonkatsu) or all-you-can-eat barbecue grill.

  1. Mexico

Taking inspiration from Spanish food and other European flavours, Mexican food tends toward the hearty and red. Because food is key to family and social bonding, a lot of its dishes are communal and customizable.

Beans, corn, chili and stuffed pork are frequently used ingredients, as are avocado, tomato and cilantro for garnish. Some signature Mexican bites include the spicy chili con carne, tacos dipped in guacamole, quesadilla wraps (think meat, chili beans and avocado), stuffed pastry called empanadas and enchiladas.

So there you have it, some of the best foods to try in these foodie-acknowledged countries. The challenge lies in finding top eateries – after all, how would you know which restaurant does it best?

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