Hello everyone am back today with two amazing countries to visit for food!

1. Pakistan

Unusual but amazing-The Muslim community of Pakistan doesn’t consume pork, paving way for a diet rich in other red meat and vegetables.

Colourful spices dictate intense flavours and unstructured foods pair with staples. Chili powder, paprika, ginger, curry and cinnamon are featured heavily in its dishes.

Depending on your preferred texture, try these culinary highlights: shahi tukra (bread with sweetened cream, milk and saffron), tandoori (usually marinated and roasted chicken), roti bread, dhal (a hearty lentil stew), and fruit-flavoured yogurt drinks called lassi and you’ll see asian food in a different way.

2 -Ukraine

With uniquely rich soil, Ukrainian cuisine developed around staple foods such as potatoes, wheat, cabbages, eggs and pork. Alternating between fried and stewed, soups and pastries make up the bulk; it’s a blend of convenience and hearty.

Throw everything into a beetroot-based soup to make borsch, and apply the same principal in vareniki; they’re homemade ravioli stuffed with your choice of cheese, cherry, potato or cabbage. Meat-based dishes to try include salo, greasy salted pork fat, and stuffed beef cutlets called zrazi.

So there you have it, some of the best foods to try in these foodie-acknowledged countries. The challenge lies in finding top eateries – after all, how would you know which restaurant does it best? Click through to realdealholidays.com for a tailored itinerary of authentic experiences; you want it, we plan it.

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