Single holidays for over 50s

Solo trips can be quite liberating and energizing, irrespective of what age you are.

Most people tend to think that having a single holiday trip once you cross the age of 50 is not realistic.

However, this is far from reality. The truth is that people over 50 years of age can benefit a great deal from such trips as it gives them a chance to break free from the mundane routine.

Why go on a single holiday when over 50? There are several reasons that can prompt one to go on a single holiday after 50 years of age. Perhaps, you are facing a midlife crisis and think that the time has come to change things.

A trip alone can give you the opportunity to reflect and analyze the possibilities you have. The decisions you take during this trip would be yours alone and will not be influenced by others. It could also be that you feel monotony has taken over your life, and you are going through the same routine without much feel.

A solo trip can give you a fresh perspective. Sometimes, we go through a significant change in life that requires some time to get used to it. It could be anything from a divorce to the loss of a loved one or your children moving out. In all these situations, you are required to adapt to the changing circumstances, and a solo trip can give you a chance to rediscover yourself.

Solo trips are also economical. Booking hotels and stays will not cost you as much if you are traveling alone. Furthermore, the trip will also prove to be a stress-buster for you. The places you can visit -there are so many destinations for your solo holiday trip that you can enjoy.

It all comes down to what you prefer. Let us give you some ideas.


Greece is one of those places that have a rich historical background. It is filled with museums and archaeological sites. The climate is sunny and warm if you visit it between April and October, and you can enjoy the beaches during this time. You can stroll around the city and explore the sites while enjoying their healthy and yet delicious cuisine.


Portugal is a delightful compact country. Traveling around in this country would not take up much of your time. You can visit the charming villages, cathedrals, castles and much more. The country also has an older population, which would make sure that you find people to connect with during the trip.


This is another country rich in culture and history. The best thing about the place is its cuisine. If you are interested in art, this place would be heaven for you. You can visit canals in Venice and take a look at the art treasures in Rome and Florence to get the authentic feel of the country. It has the second oldest population in the world, so it would not be difficult for you to find likeminded people on the trip.

Final words

There are plenty of other places that you can visit, including Argentina and Rome. The important thing that you need to make sure is that you make proper travel arrangements so that you do not have to go through any unnecessary hassles. www.realdealholidays.com and the amazing team can help you out in this. You can make your bookings and travel arrangements with them and be assured that you will get the best deal and service possible.

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