Why you should buy last-minute holiday deals

You may not realise it, but booking a last-minute holiday can save you hundreds of pounds on a trip away. The typical thinking is that to get the best deal on a holiday, you must book it well in advance.

However, that is not the case and you can enjoy a great holiday courtesy of a late deal. Here is why you should buy last-minute holiday deals and not fret about booking a holiday early.

Busy lives- If you have a demanding career, kids in school, and other commitments that make it difficult to plan a holiday all together in advance, a late deal can be a steal.

Some families do not have the luxury of booking a trip well in advance and with multiple kids, it can be expensive.

Families seeking a simple getaway in the sun or a city break can benefit greatly from a last-minute deal.

School holidays in the UK make it expensive to book trips, so picking up a deal just before you travel can be cheaper as long as you aren’t too picky.

Flexibility If you are flexible with your travel plans and can go when it suits you, there is no need to book far in advance.

Playing roulette with your holiday can be fun as you can pick an exciting destination for cheap.

/The destination may not have been one you considered previously but you turn out to love.

Holidaymakers who can avoid flying on Mondays and Fridays should do so, as these are the busiest and most expensive travel days due to business travellers coming and going

Rock-bottom prices -According to research, you can get a last-minute deal (around three weeks before departure) for rock-bottom prices.

Some travel experts believe the closer to the departure date, the cheaper the trip. While that can be true, it depends on just how flexible you are with your plans.

Short-haul flights- Research by travel search engines has found that booking short-haul flights last minute offer savings.

If you plan to go a long distance, for example the UK to the United States, then booking well in advance is ideal to get the best deal. However, flying from the UK to Spain, Italy, Portugal, or another nearby European nation can be done for low fares when booked late.

According to travel website Kayak, UK travellers tend to book short-haul trips too early, resulting in them paying more to travel.

Visit somewhere new- One of the best reasons to buy a last-minute holiday deal is it gives you a chance to visit a new destination. One of the ways to ensure a last-minute travel package is cheap is to go to a destination other travellers are not visiting. During Christmas or New Year, many travellers will seek holidays in warm weather locations. This is when you should travel to a destination that may not be quite as warm but is still just as great. Flying on holidays can also be a cheap way to travel last minute and avoid crowds.

Booking last minute can save you hundreds of pounds on a holiday and take you to an exciting destination. If you want a great deal on a holiday, don’t be afraid to book it last minute!

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